Chongqing nongshen holding (group) co., ltd. is a group company (hereinafter referred to as "nongshen holding") established on the basis of "chongqing academy of animal science" and "southwest university". With a registered capital of 100 million yuan, it is headquartered in rongchang district of chongqing city of animal science and technology -- chongqing heavy animal husbandry silicon valley.
    Based on agriculture and environmental protection is the core of our company. Business scope covers three major sectors: 1. Biological engineering include microbial agents, straw decomposers, water quality control agents, biological organic fertilizers, biological feed, biological pesticide research and development, production and marketing; 2.Detection and certification: detection and certification in agriculture, environmental protection, food, medicine and animal husbandry; 3. Organic food: Organic material base construction, intensive processing and sales.